Boutique Cruises

What is a boutique cruise?

Relaxing on a deck, taking sips from your favorite drink, watching the sun setting on the sea, and smelling the fresh air, and salty water…These experiences are not only for the jet set.

Without owning a mega yacht, you can enjoy a wonderful boating experience. DreamTravelQuest.com connects travelers with perfect yachts and makes dream yacht charter holidays in crewed yachts possible for different income groups.

Are you asking yourself – what exactly a boutique cruise is and how it differs from a regular cruise? In broad terms, a boutique cruise is a unique adventure that will take you to the remotest places on earth on a comfortable home-like ship.

Unlike modern day-cruise liners or ‘city giants’ inhabit thousands of passengers, boutique cruises take place on small and medium ships. Thanks to their smaller size, boutique cruise ships accommodate only a small limited number of travelers (maximum 30 persons in small vessels and up to 200 persons in medium ones). Therefore, on a boutique cruise, the atmosphere on board is relaxed and the service is exceptional.

Only a boutique cruise can ensure a direct connection to nature and maximum proximity to the sea. In big cruise ships, you may sail for days without feeling a tiny splash of the ocean. Boutique cruise ships’ decks are relatively close to the water line. Therefore, during your sailing experience on a boutique cruise, you don’t only observe the beauties surrounding you but also become a part of the never-ending views and wonderful nature.

A boutique cruise can take you to places that you can not simply reach in any other mean of traveling. The small size of boutique cruise ships is suitable for docking and sailing in some places that are blocked to big cruise ships; such as anchorages in small villages and towns or bays with small isolated beaches, where the water is too shallow or space is too narrow. Therefore, on a boutique cruise, you can see and experience more.

Boutique cruise itineraries are typically more flexible compared to the cruises on big ships. If you avoid traveling with large groups because you hate the feeling of being like a part of a herd, boutique cruising is a good alternative for you. First of all, excursions in sailing destinations are up to your desires; you can choose to travel in a small group, with your partner or by yourself. Boutique cruise participants tend to be well-traveled and sophisticated. On such cruise, you can get the chance to meet fellow passengers who share similar interests as you.

Boutique cruises involve many activities that aim to maximize your connection to sea and nature. During your boutique sea holiday, you can choose from snorkeling, kayaking, supping and many other water sports.

While sailing 2 to 4 hours a day will allow you to enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea water and views of the magnificent landscape, docking your boutique cruise ship near sailing destinations’ central ports close to city squares will make you feel like staying in a boutique hotel. You can leisurely explore the new towns, experience local cultures, cafes, nightlife, food etc. on your itineraries and come back to eat, sleep and rest and anytime in your centrally docked boutique hotel. Occasionally, you can use a tender boat to reach nearby shores as well.

The key aspect of any boutique cruise is the emphasis on personal service. Boutique cruises are led by a small but a dedicated and knowledgeable crew consists of a captain, chef and service personnel. The crew makes sure that you feel at home as soon as you step on the boutique cruise ship. On a boutique cruise, meals are served either on full-board or half-board basis; the cabins are organized and cleaned once a day, and most importantly – the crew always accompanies you to taking care of all your needs. They think of everything, including a spontaneous mid-day snack, drinks and even live music. Without disturbing your privacy, the crew stays at your disposal all the time.

Remember that on a boutique cruise, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed at all times. Leave your suits at home and just pack your good energy. Join a boutique cruise and set your spirit sail in quest of your future adventure.

Going on a boutique cruise with pets

Pets are part of the family. When you are going on a sailing vacation, you don’t want to leave them behind. Luckily, most boutique cruise ships are pet-friendly and it is easy to find a suitable yacht charter holiday for you and your best friend. If you are planning on going on a sailing adventure with your pet, there are some legal and practical issues that you should think about beforehand.

Legal Issues

If your yacht charter holiday will take place on foreign waters, you have to make sure that your fluffy friend meets all the legality of entering a foreign country. Every country has different rules regarding navigating with pets. Make sure to get yourself familiarized with these rules several months before your trip starts. For visiting any foreign country, your pet needs a proper travel document. In addition to getting a passport for your friend, remember that microchips and vaccinations are required by most of the countries. Some countries may have additional laws; such as quarantine laws. In order to learn the particular requirements of the country where you will sail into, it is recommended for you to contact the country’s consulate. 

Practical Issues

There are some practicalities that concern about sailing with pets. If you keep yourself aware of these practical issues and prepare yourself and your pet accordingly, your sailing adventure together will be problem-free and wonderful.


During yacht charter holidays, the boutique cruise ships stop by one or more destinations per day. Even though this may provide enough opportunity for your pet to go to the toilet, for their and your comfort, it is highly recommended for you to bring a piece of artificial turf or a litter box. A piece of an artificial turf resembles a real grass and easy to clean. Talk to the cabin personnel to place your pet’s toilet to a safe place in the boat.


If your fluffy friend is into swimming but too big for you to carry into the water, you may need to bring/or ask the crew to provide companionway stairs that would help your pet to navigate between the boat and the sea.


Stress and Panic

Pets are tended to panic with a change in environment. Especially if it is your best friend’s first time on a boat, it is very likely that your pet may suffer from stress at least at the beginning. Creating a home-like corner in the boat with familiar objects like your pet’s toys, blanket, box etc. will give the sense of safety to your pet and help him/her to release stress. You have to make sure that this private corner of your pet is in a safe location and free from any material that may cause him/her harm.

Seasickness and Sunburn

Just like humans, pets can suffer from motion sickness and sunburn. Pack the proper medication for your pet in case of seasickness. The medicines you are packing for yourself may work for your pet as well, but you should make sure by consulting your vet. In order to prevent sunburn, get a pet-friendly sunscreen. Providing shade and enough water will also prevent your pet from getting sunburn.

Falling from the boat

Sailing with a pet is like sailing with children. Even though your fluffy friend will always be on your sight, you should take precautions against the danger of your pet is falling overboard. First of all, like all the humans on board, your pet should have a life jacket (pet flotation device) on the side. Secondly, instead of a regular collar, use a harness. This way, in case of a falling overboard, you can save your pet without giving any harm to him/her. A regular collar may choke your pet during recovery. Lastly, most boutique cruises take place in protected areas with good weather and sea conditions. Keeping that in mind, in case the sea conditions get rough, you should consider tethering your pet to the boat, and putting a life jacket on your pet.

Overall, going on a boutique cruise with your pet is a wonderful adventure that you should not miss. Even though the preparations for such a vacation may seem to be demanding, as soon as you know what to do, it is very easy.


Cabin Charters

Cabin charter is an ideal way of going on a boutique cruise for those who find it difficult to organize a group of people to charter a full boat with, or to handle the cost of renting a boat by themselves. If you want to enjoy a special vacation on your own, or with your partner or a friend, at a fair price, cabin charter vacation is ideal for you.

Through a cabin charter, you can book only one cabin on a boat like booking a hotel room. Most cabins are for two and can be shared with a friend, partner or a person you just met on the cruise. In addition to your private cabin, you have an access to use the common indoor and outdoor spaces of the yacht together with other cruise participants. This is also an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends during your vacation.

Advantages of Cabin Charter:


  • You can participate in a boutique cruise without having to organize a large group of people.

  • You don’t have to handle the cost and responsibility of chartering a full yacht. Cabin charter prices include meals onboard, and your share of fuel, water, harbor and marina fees etc. The cabin charter prices start from 550 Euros per week per cabin and the price can go up to 10.000 Euros in luxury charters. The price depends on the season of sailing, conditions of the boat and the sailing destination.

  • The schedule and itinerary are planned in advance, and relatively inflexible. When booking a cabin charter, every detail of your cruise is presented to you precisely.

  • A dedicated crew takes care of all your needs: your meals will be served in a half or full board basis, and your cabin will be cleaned daily.

  • Unlike in ocean liners where you sail with thousands with other passengers, you sail with a small number of travelers. The atmosphere is intimate and perfect for making new friends.

Canal Cruises

For centuries, humans created canals in order to facilitate transportation and trade. It is only within the last half-century, they discovered that canals can be used also for leisure activities as well. Today, world’s major canals still fulfill their original purpose; however, cruising on canals are becoming more and more popular.

If canal cruising sounds like an interesting experience for you, DreamTravelQuest.com is here to explain to you what to expect from your prospective adventure:

Although cruising on a canal have some similar aspects to sea and river cruising , it has significant differences from the both as well. Even for senior sailors, canal cruises have many exciting surprises.

There are two exceptions to canal cruises.

When talking about canals, Suez and Panama Canals come to one’s mind immediately. Therefore, before getting started, we would like to make it clear that these two canals do not make a typical boutique canal cruising destinations. Although it is possible to go on a cruise on these two canals (mostly on big cruise ships), they remain highly industrial. Therefore, even though there are boutique canal cruises transpassing Suez and Panama canals, their destinations are located either before or after passing these two canals, but not on their shores.

 Canal cruises are destination-oriented

 Unlike sea cruises on big cruise ships where a lot of time spent on sailing and activities on the ship, canal cruises are destination oriented. On a canal cruise, there are no only-sailing-days. Your floating boutique hotel follows an itinerary that includes many stops at exciting cities and towns. Every day, you will have at least one destination to discover.

 There is no better way to sail the history than a canal cruise.

 Historically, most canals are built on major trade routes. Over the centuries, due to trade, cities that are found on canal routes got wealthier and more developed. Today, rich historical heritage and countless cultural attractions of these cities make them the world’s most popular tourist hubs found in the inland. If you have already discovered the major port cities via sea cruises, then it is time for you to explore the charms of the canal cities.

 Canal cruises take place on barges.

 Most canals are small in their size and therefore cannot accommodate very large ships. Canal cruises take place on a barge or a small yacht . A number of passengers on a canal cruise may vary between four to twenty-four.

 A canal cruise experience is either very private or very social.

 Because most canal cruises take place on badges or small yachts, they have limited number of passengers to accommodate. You may charter these small boats privately and enjoy an ultimate privacy with your family or friends. Alternatively, you may want to charter only one cabin on a boat . In that case, you will share this wonderful experience with other passengers, with whom you may build lifelong friendships during your vacation.

 Canal cruises are all-inclusive.

 Similar to river cruises, in most cases, the price of a canal cruise include meals, fees, cabin services, and even city tours. Therefore, even though the price for a canal cruise may seem higher relative to the sea cruises , canal cruises are more budget-friendly in most cases.

Swimming is rarely an option on a canal cruise

Passing from major trade cities, canals are magical. It is unfortunate that they are not eligible for swimming. Unlike rivers, many canals do not have freshwater streams that can clean the water.

You cannot suffer from motion sickness on a canal cruise

If your previous sailing experiences did not go well because of motion sickness, let us give you some good news. Since there are no waves on canals, it is very unlikely to experience motion-sickness on a canal cruise. Shortness of the sailing duration and proximity to the land on canal cruises make it impossible to experience motion sickness.


Diving boutique cruises

Ever since people realized there is life underwater, they were interested in underwater discovery . Human curiosity led to a comprehensive study of land and sea, but for a long time, they could not reach underwater wonders. The reason for this was clear: there is a basic difficulty to overcome – underwater breathing. Still, humans were diving as deep as they could even in ancient times. Proof of this is found in the remains of underwater creatures found in everyday objects.

Thousands of years were passed and today, humankind has the technology that can allow them to stay underwater for a long time and explore the magical underwater life. Today with diving, the undersea world is as accessible as it has never been before for everyone! Although first diving attempts to undersea included mainly of public safety, search and recovery and military purposes, after not so long, recreational diving i.e. diving as a leisure activity has started.



In addition to the desire of feeling weightless, two main interests attract people to go for this unusual experience: There is no doubt that the main motivation to try diving is to see the peerless beauty of the underwater life. We, the humans may have not yet seen the aliens in the outer space, but we have the opportunity to discover something that is very alien to us. The second reason to be interested in diving is sorted from our deep curiosity towards the history. While mankind made the history, most part of it is drowned in the sea. Diving allows us to explore the drowned part of the history through wrecks and other remnants that is not accessible on any other surface.



Within the last decade, scuba diving has become incredibly popular. Scuba diving is a type of diving that includes a usage of a tube while diving. In this tube, there are nitrogen, oxygen, and some other gases. Yes! You read right! In contrast to the popular belief, either in the atmosphere nor during scuba diving, you don’t breathe only oxygen. In fact, pure oxygen could burn your lungs. Carrying with you what you are naturally missing (the air) to be under the sea, you can enjoy the unknown beauties of the underwater for a long time and safely.

If you are in love with the sea as much as we are, you might be thinking that staying on its surface is only the half of the adventure. Then, what are you waiting for a complete sea experience with scuba diving? You don’t dare because you think that you don’t have the necessary training, experience, and knowledge to do such an ‘extreme’ sport? Let us give you the good news! In order to experience scuba diving, you don’t need to practice for years. In fact, people from every age and background can easily learn how to dive in only fifteen minutes! Well, of course, 15 minutes of practice would not prepare you to be completely independent while diving. However, after a very brief training, you will be able to dive under observation of a professional diver.



If you already got warmed with the idea of scuba diving, let us introduce you the diving cruises:

  • A diving cruise is the best way to explore the beauties of the underwater.

A typical diving cruise lasts for a week and includes more than twenty dives in various destinations. The boat that you sail on takes you to wonderful diving spots where you will be fascinated by another wonder of the undersea world every day. No other type of vacation provides you such a large range of diving experiences. This is because only on a cruise, your movement between and towards the dive spots are not restricted. Moreover, the most virgin diving spots are located in places where you cannot reach by land. As you can imagine, populated touristic places lost their wildlife not only on the land but also in the sea. Diving cruises make it possible for you to reach to most untouched places under the water.

  • You sail with professionals.

Diving is fun, but your safety comes first. If you are not a professional scuba diver, you need an assistance going tens of meters below the sea’s surface. On a diving cruise, several diving instructors will sail with you as the part of the crew.

  • Diving cruises are (mostly) all-inclusive.

In most cases, not only the meals and cabin services but also dive master services and usage diving equipment are included in the diving cruise price. Diving by itself might not be the most budget-friendly activity. However, combined with a joyful cruise and care of instructors, you will get a very good deal.

Nature Cruises


If the idea of combining the comfort of a boutique cruise with a true naturalist experience sounds exciting to you, book a nature cruise today.

A nature cruise is an exciting adventure that is designed to fulfill the expectations of nature and sailing lovers. On a nature cruise, you get the chance to observe and explore cruise destinations’ spectacular landscapes and wildlife both from the sea and land.

Nature cruises vary in their intensity. The high-intensity nature cruises may include activities, such as daily zodiac landings, hiking expeditions, and scuba diving. Physically less intensive nature cruises involve animal sightseeing from a boat and/or via coach tours on land. No matter which type of nature cruise you prefer, we can assure you that a nature cruise is a lifetime experience.

Starting with the awakening of nature, a day on a nature cruise begins either with a healthy breakfast or a green smoothie that would give you the energy for the first activities of the day. Depending on your cruise plan, you follow the footsteps of nature either on the sea or on the land early in the morning. There is nothing more exciting than opening your eyes to a new day by observing the rare wonders of the wildlife and sharing a true naturalist experience with your loved ones. If you are confused, follow the directions of the expert naturalist that is sailing with you. S/he will tell you where and when to look at for the most dazzling beauties. A true naturalist experience is energy consuming. In the afternoon, you can have a delicious lunch on board with your friends, family or the excursion group. If you are in the middle of an activity; such as hiking, or away from the ship, you may want to fill up your energy levels with some food you carried with you all the way. After having lunch, you won’t yet get enough from talking and sharing the experiences with one another, but it is time to go on! Your wildlife exploration continues. Your goal is to make the best out of your days on a nature cruise and maximize your connection with nature. For those that are traveling with friends or family, a nature cruise is also a great way to spend a quality time with the loved ones. Before the sun goes down and nature falls asleep, make sure that the satisfaction that you got from being connected to nature on this day will be embedded in your memory. Once the sun falls down, enjoy releasing the sweet tiredness of this exciting day in boutique cruise standards.


Here is how:

    • On a nature cruise, you will be able to visit places that are impossible to reach through the land. Due to the smaller size of boutique cruise ships, and the tenders and canoes they use for landings for hard to reach places, you will have the chance to land on the most untouched coasts and get close to the wildlife, as close as one can ever get.
    • A nature cruise involves several activities that aim to increase your connection with nature as much as possible. Those activities may range from hiking to wildlife observation offshore or from aboard. According to the type of the nature cruise you chose, or your preferred sailing destination, you will be offered a wide range of activities that would allow you to go beyond sailing but also to study the fauna and flora of your favorite sailing destinations through nature activities that you haven’t tried before. You can collect unforgettable memories; such as, snorkeling among sea lions, swimming with sea turtles and hiking among iguanas.



    • On a nature cruise, you will sail with expert naturalists and expedition leaders. These experts know when and where the wildlife presents its wonders most beautifully. They will guide you and tailor your daily schedule and maximize your naturalist experience. The company of those experts will widen your knowledge about the wonderful landscapes, exotic plants, and animals of the sailing destinations you visit.
    • Nature cruises can take place anywhere nature is. Therefore, there are unlimited options of nature cruises and each nature cruise is a unique experience. For example, once you go on a nature cruise in Alaska, you can still keep your curiosity about another nature cruise experience in the Galapagos archipelago or in the Mediterranean.

Once your daily dose of naturalist adventures are over, you can finally go back to your floating boutique hotel and recover from the sweet tiredness of the day. Such daily relaxation in luxurious standards will make you feel as fresh every day as the first day.

    • A nature cruise synchronizes your body clock with nature. The main aim of your nature cruise adventure is to experience the best of the wildlife in your sailing destinations. Therefore, your days on a nature cruise will start with the awakening of the wildlife and will end when all the non-human habitat of your cruise destination calls it a day.

You will immortalize your nature cruise experience with photos of wonderful wildlife scenes and exceptional views that your eyes have witnessed.

  • A nature cruise cares about nature. As true nature-loving naturalists, nature cruise providers and participants do not disturb the wildlife. This completely sustainable mean of tourism allows you to enjoy and explore the wildlife without forsaking the opportunities of the future generations’ wildlife experiences.

Romantic Cruises


Wedding Yacht Charter

There is nothing more romantic than sailing away together into a golden sunset with the person you just decided to spend the rest of your life with on a Gulet charter . Make your wedding an unforgettable experience for you and your guests and celebrate on a cruise. Choose from an array of inspiring destinations that ensure you a yacht charter sailing holiday of romance and love. Our partner wedding consultants will design a wedding that is truly extraordinary and guides you in every way – from the destination to dining to décor and down to the smallest detail. We offer intimate weddings for only the two of you or grand events with many guests. No matter if on the ship, harbor side or in port, we guarantee you the wedding of your dreams and memories for a lifetime.


Honeymoon Cruises  Gulet Charter

Make your first journey as a married couple something unforgettable with a cruise…

The customer support team is ready to work with you and your significant other to customize your yacht charter and specific itinerary. Dine every night during your gulet charter at another destination looking at the sea, enjoy the crystal blue water and varying stunning coastlines or discover a new city – all this is possible if you book your honeymoon on a cruise. This is pure romance! Gulet charter and yacht charter with several packages are available that guarantee unforgettable honeymoon memories.


Couple Cruises Yacht Charter

Escape from everyday life and finally enjoy some quality time together with your partner – far from home, work and the pressures of every day’s routine. Concentrate only on you two and let us take care of the rest. A sailing vacation is the perfect refuge offering quietness and seclusion and the beauties of nature and the sea. Experience adventures, enjoy a quiet dinner together or simply relax by the pool. With our couple cruises, you can revive the romance and spend some quality time together while making memories for a lifetime. The unique and romantic setting is also perfect for the celebration of your anniversary. 

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